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√ Top & Best Sexologist doctors √ Best Sexologist | Sexologist in Lucknow Viagra doesn’t boost your libido, it simply works when the man is sexually aroused, by giving him the power to perform and enjoy a passionate stance. Instead of depending on an external drug, go natural by adopting the following means by not only increasing your libido but also enhancing performance. 4 powerful ways to make your sex life better ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) Natural Nitric Boosters: - They are a must have if you want a better sexual health. Nitric oxide is one of the main reasons behind an ‘erection’ and therefore, it can be directly taken in the form of food or as a supplement. It helps in preventing blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and improves the blood flow. There are certain foods that can boost nitric oxide naturally, such as dark chocolate, walnuts, pomegranate, watermelon, brown rice, beets and garlic. 2) Exercise: - It is important to exercise and stay fit if you want a healthier sex life. You shouldn’t have to do furious strength training. Instead, simply opt for cardio exercises, do strength training or weight lifting if you like. 3) The greens: - There are several greens that, when combined with the bacteria in your gut can help in transforming nitrites to nitric oxide. This includes cabbage, iceberg lettuce, parsley, spinach, celery and collard greens. 4) Sunlight: - Sunlight provides us with Vitamin D and also gives the skin an opportunity to synthesize more nitric oxide. If you suffer from any kind of sexual problems and want safe and effective treatment please contact us.. HelpLine +919453141421
Benefits Of Sex Sex is considered as the most common natural activity among all the living organisms including humans. We all are aware about what sex is, and what role it plays in our life. Despite of all the awareness we are still away from its means. Sex is something which we all should be aware of, but despite everything we know still there is a hesitation in us. Sex plays a vital role in our life, as we see in each and every organism it is very common. The natural fact about sex is that it means for reproduction, meanwhile we humans do not consider this activity only for reproduction. Sex for humans is having many opinions, some of which are love, lust, desire, attraction and a need. Sex has a great impact on human life it has many benefits related to human life. Sex helps to keep our immune system humming, some of the researches tells us that people having regular sex are more defensive towards viruses, germs and other pathogens, it is because people having sex develops higher level of antibodies. Sex also boosts our Libido, women having regular sex develops more vaginal lubrication, elasticity and blood flow, and hence sex is also a great thing for women. Sex also improves the control over bladder in females, sex acts like a workout or an exercise for the pelvic floor in females, while a female experiences orgasm it contracts the pelvic muscles which strengthens them. Sex is also a great remedy for people having high blood pressure, as it lovers the blood pressure as it provides relaxation and removes stress. Sex is also a great exercise, it is a workout along with a great pleasure, and experts say that a normal sexual intercourse burns about five calories in a minute. It uses many muscles of our body and also increases heart beat, hence sex is a good exercise. A great benefit of sex is that it reduces the risk of heart attack; it keeps the level of estrogens and testosterone controlled. Sex is also great for weight control as it maintains the appetite and burns a lot of calories immediately. When a person experiences orgasm, it reduces the chance of getting cough and cold, sex boosts the immune system also. Sex saturates blood and purifies it regularly as the supply of oxygen is improved because of sex. Regular sex also helps to remove stress, as it gives everything; it provides joy, pleasure, relaxation and satisfaction. As our behaviour towards sex is poor, and our thinking considers it a practice not to talk about in open, we always fail to get a lot of information regarding the benefits of sex. Despite of all, sex results into a great understanding in a couple. The satisfaction due to sex provides happiness and enhances love between them. Instead of hesitating one should talk about sex openly, share experiences and education with others, and make others aware about sex. As sex has many benefits and many things that may harm it is must to gain some information regarding sex, so that you live your life happily with a great satisfaction and pleasure. Hi I am Dr Roy clinics which is Sexologist dr in kanpu, Our services is like.... Sexual Problems specialist kanpur, Sex Problems Doctor kanpur, Youn Rog specialist doctors kanpr, Gupt Rog Doctors kanpur, Sex Clinic kanpur, Sex Doctor kanpur, Sex Disease clinic kanpur, Sex doctor kanpur, Penis Enlargement, Penis Enlargement or Male Enhancement is the technique to increase the length of Human Penis. Dr. roy Sex Specialist clinics in kanpur Sex Specialist clinics in kanpur Sex Specialist Doctors in kanpur Best Sex Specialist clinics in kanpur Best Sex Specialist Doctors in kanpur Sexologist clinics in kanpur, Best sexologist doctors in kanpur, Best sexologist clinics in kanpur, Gupat rog specialist kanpur, Gupat rog specialist Doctors kanpur, men & Women sexologist doctors in kanpur,
WHAT IS SWAPNDOSH (NIGHTFALL) AND HOW TO CURE IT NATURALLY Have you ever got up in the morning with wet underwear and you thought that you might have wet the bed? If yes, then you are suffering from SWAPNDOSH (NIGHTFALL).
Diseases due to sex which are commonly known as Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD), Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI), and Venereal Disease (VD), are the diseases and illness caused to the humans due to the sexual intercourse and play. Sexually Transmitted Diseases are known from the centuries ago. There are a variety of sexually transmitted diseases including bacterial, fungal, viral, parasites and protozoan. Bacterial infections include Cancroids, Chlamydia, gonorrhea etc., the fungal infection is Candidiasis, and viral includes Hepatitis, AIDS, HIV, HPV etc. Sexually Transmitted Diseases have a varied symptoms and signs as the diseases are also varied according to the factors and causes. The diseases and infections may be fatal or for sometimes, but most of the STDs are fatal and hazardous for a normal life. The symptoms include irritation in the genitals, weakness, urinary and as well as sexual problems. Diseases like AIDS also cause the loss of immunity in peoples resulting to immediate death. So, it is necessary for all to be aware of all the sexual information, and always have good preventions from the sexually transmitted diseases. All must know about the causes and symptom, so that to save him or herself from the diseases. STDs are found in a big number of people all over the world including minor infections to HIV and AIDS. It is found that many of the people feel ashamed if they have minor symptoms, but sometimes the minor symptoms converts to major, and hence it is necessary to visit a doctor and a sexologist to prevent and cure the diseases. Prevention of these STDs is possible if we make ourselves a little aware regarding the preventions and precautions, there are many techniques of preventions, like many of the programs for public welfare promote the use of condoms. The use of condom makes a sexual play protected, as it covers the penis and avoids the direct contact and hence is most accepted prevention method for STDs, but sometimes the condom also fails, as there are chances of tearing of a condom, so we cannot believe cent percent on it. Condoms are available in types in market, the male condom and the female condom. Also there are some of the vaccines are also there to prevent the sexually transmitted diseases like, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and some types of HPVs. Vaccination before a sexual contact is considered as a maximum protection method. The diagnosis for the sexually transmitted diseases is possible, as there are several techniques available in the medical science, so a person having symptoms must consult the pathologist to diagnose the diseases, the treatment is possible and rate of cure is higher if caught at early stage. As it is said that prevention is better than cure, the prevention methods must be practiced by the people as to be free from the STDs. Some of the safety measures may keep you healthy and away from the sexually transmitted diseases. Use of condom, avoiding sex with multiple and unknown partners, avoiding unnatural sex etc; are some of the safety measures which may save you from the diseases and may lead you to a healthy and happy sexual life. Hi I am Dr Roy clinics which is Sexologist dr in kanpu, Our services is like.... Sexual Problems specialist kanpur, Sex Problems Doctor kanpur, Youn Rog specialist doctors kanpr, Gupt Rog Doctors kanpur, Sex Clinic kanpur, Sex Doctor kanpur, Sex Disease clinic kanpur, Sex doctor kanpur
Night Discharge There are many youngsters who are worried about their sexual health, there are so many problems and disorders regarding sexual functioning, night discharge is one of them. The spontaneous discharge or flow of semen or sperms without any sexual activity is commonly known as night discharge. It can happen or take place in the people from age 15 to 30 years; some exceptions might be also there. It is very common in all men, as a person reaches puberty; it is very natural if he experiences such a case of spontaneous discharge. People consider it a psychological problem, or a result of wet or dirty thoughts, and hence it is also known as wet dreams. It normally happens when a person is thinking or dreaming about sexual activity or is very passionate for sexual pleasures, and hence it is more found in virgins and youngsters. Night discharge is a very common thing to happen, many people get worried if they experience this. Since the exact and actual reason for this condition of night discharge is not known yet, different experts have different opinions regarding this condition of night discharge, some of the very common known reasons are listed here. Out of so many causes the most major and believed reason for night discharge is dirty and erotic dreams and memories of waking sexual activities and also a strong longing of having sex. Some people experience this condition of night discharge without the erotic dreams so this theory fails somehow. This theory is hence not scientifically proven. If it is creating any problem then a person may consult a sexologist. Night discharge is very common in teenage, and is experienced by almost every person. If it happens about once a week then it’s nothing to worry about, as it happens to everyone. The best remedy for this is to stop thinking about it. The frequency of the condition of night discharge is highly variable in all people and hence it is important to know what the actual frequency of night discharge of a person is. If it happens 5-8 times a week then its ok if less then well and good, but if happens on daily basis then it might be hazardous for a person. So immediately consult a sexologist and follow the steps prescribed. It is nothing to worry about regarding night discharge as it is a common condition. Night discharge happens in some persons in young age while some experience it throughout their life. Night discharge is a condition which can’t be controlled by a person. The best option to reduce the frequency of night discharge is that a person has to change his lifestyle. He must prefer healthy and nutritious food. A person should live in a clean, green and a positive environment. The habits of watching pornography and sexual TV shows, the thinking must be changed and the genital parts must be clean and shaved properly. Some medical options are also there like some people use herbal treatments like the use sage tea and some herbal products. So a person may also consult an herbal advisor. It is not a big task to overcome this condition. It will be very helpful if a person changes lifestyle and eating habits, this will definitely help him to live a better and healthier life. Hi I am Dr Roy clinics which is Sexologist dr in kanpu, Our services is like.... Sexual Problems specialist kanpur, Sex Problems Doctor kanpur, Youn Rog specialist doctors kanpr, Gupt Rog Doctors kanpur, Sex Clinic kanpur, Sex Doctor kanpur, Sex Disease clinic kanpur, Sex doctor kanpur