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Some Common Sexual Problems: Premature Ejaculation The most common problem of sexual dissatisfaction is premature ejaculation in males. Because it cut shorts the duration of intimacy and the couple cannot achieve full orgasm. Infertility (OLIGOSPERMIA) Male infertility is often due to the sperm count falling below the fertility level. A large number of sperms are not motile, viable or exhibit morphological abnormalities. Impotency Mainly psychogenic in origin, it is directly related to anxiety regarding sexual performance. Impotency can occur after long disease or after an accident. This is a very serious problem. Curing this disease will make life happy.Low or No Erectness, Early Discharge, Penis Curve, Small Size Penis if we don't cure the Sexual Problems then we are going to end up our happy married life and life becomes like hell. We have to satisfy our life partner sexually. Lack Of Libido The hectic pace of ultra modern lifestyle causes severe tension and excessive fatigue within individuals. This is usually the prime cause for lack of libido and unsatisfactory sexual performance. Night Fall Discharging during the night due to sexy or female dream. This problem can further lead to SEX weakness.Whenever a boy enters in his youth many questions related to sex arises and most of them don’t get the right answer on the right time and on other side Low Excitement, Discharging while dreaming of female, Early Discharge while having Sex , Laziness, Tiredness in the morning , Low Excitement or No Excitement , Not well behavior with others. Childless Couple Young couples plunge into parenthood and about half the time they end up with some ghastly problem on their hands.It may be due to some commom sexual problems.
Sexual Disease And Dysfunction in Men and Women Sexual dysfunction -- having a problem with sexual desire or response -- covers a wide variety of problems. In men, they include erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature or delayed ejaculation in men, and in women, spasms of the vagina and pain with sexual intercourse. For both sexes, they can include other problems with sexual desire and response. Though there are many causes of diminished libido and sexual dysfunction in men and women, there are also many ways to increase libido and rekindle the joy of sex once you identify the problem.Sexual dysfunction in women is grouped into different disorders: sexual pain, problems with desire, arousal problems, and orgasm difficulty. Changes in hormone levels, medical conditions, and other factors can contribute to low libido and other forms of sexual dysfunction in women
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According to the recent statics, around 40%, of the females, from all ages, are known to face sexual problems. The number can be probably more, because most of the cases due to hesitation are not reported or complained. We live in a society in which westernization seems to be the hot topic, but still talking about ones sexual life is considered embarrassing. These problems need to be treated on time, because if not taken care of they can have a ripple effect on one’s personal life and even our sexuality can also be negatively affected.Sexual cycle in women.