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Night Discharge There are many youngsters who are worried about their sexual health, there are so many problems and disorders regarding sexual functioning, night discharge is one of them. The spontaneous discharge or flow of semen or sperms without any sexual activity is commonly known as night discharge. It can happen or take place in the people from age 15 to 30 years; some exceptions might be also there. It is very common in all men, as a person reaches puberty; it is very natural if he experiences such a case of spontaneous discharge. People consider it a psychological problem, or a result of wet or dirty thoughts, and hence it is also known as wet dreams. It normally happens when a person is thinking or dreaming about sexual activity or is very passionate for sexual pleasures, and hence it is more found in virgins and youngsters. Night discharge is a very common thing to happen, many people get worried if they experience this. Since the exact and actual reason for this condition of night discharge is not known yet, different experts have different opinions regarding this condition of night discharge, some of the very common known reasons are listed here. Out of so many causes the most major and believed reason for night discharge is dirty and erotic dreams and memories of waking sexual activities and also a strong longing of having sex. Some people experience this condition of night discharge without the erotic dreams so this theory fails somehow. This theory is hence not scientifically proven. If it is creating any problem then a person may consult a sexologist. Night discharge is very common in teenage, and is experienced by almost every person. If it happens about once a week then it’s nothing to worry about, as it happens to everyone. The best remedy for this is to stop thinking about it. The frequency of the condition of night discharge is highly variable in all people and hence it is important to know what the actual frequency of night discharge of a person is. If it happens 5-8 times a week then its ok if less then well and good, but if happens on daily basis then it might be hazardous for a person. So immediately consult a sexologist and follow the steps prescribed. It is nothing to worry about regarding night discharge as it is a common condition. Night discharge happens in some persons in young age while some experience it throughout their life. Night discharge is a condition which can’t be controlled by a person. The best option to reduce the frequency of night discharge is that a person has to change his lifestyle. He must prefer healthy and nutritious food. A person should live in a clean, green and a positive environment. The habits of watching pornography and sexual TV shows, the thinking must be changed and the genital parts must be clean and shaved properly. Some medical options are also there like some people use herbal treatments like the use sage tea and some herbal products. So a person may also consult an herbal advisor. It is not a big task to overcome this condition. It will be very helpful if a person changes lifestyle and eating habits, this will definitely help him to live a better and healthier life. Hi I am Dr Roy clinics which is Sexologist dr in kanpu, Our services is like.... Sexual Problems specialist kanpur, Sex Problems Doctor kanpur, Youn Rog specialist doctors kanpr, Gupt Rog Doctors kanpur, Sex Clinic kanpur, Sex Doctor kanpur, Sex Disease clinic kanpur, Sex doctor kanpur
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